Haney Whipple Portraits

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Haney Whipple Portraits
5771 Woodway
Houston, Texas 77057

It was the best of times...And how will your family remember those good old days? Haney & Whipple Portraits gracefully and artistically chronicle those special times in a family's history so that remembering is easy and fun. From bridal and publicity portraits to photographing families and children with their pets, Barbara Whipple and Larry Haney do every type of portrait possible, each tailored to their clients' expectations. Their Birthday Plan is the most priceless gift one could ever have. The plan includes a leather bound book of portraits commemorating each year of your child's life. Can you imagine a better gift to yourself?

Haney and Whipple have a long-standing business relationship. They have worked together since 1980 and many of their clients have followed their evolution to their current location. Their reputation as exquisite portrait photographers was quickly established and has followed then through their careers. The premier full-service studio is nestled between Tanglewood and Memorial in Houston, Texas.

Through the years, Haney and Whipple have worked together as a team and individually, establishing and maintaining their client relationships. "Our business is all abut relationships--we want to be part of your family on special occasions to record them for you," said Whipple.

From your initial consultation to receiving your finished portrait in a beautiful custom frame, Haney & Whipple Portraits' goal is to exceed your expectations.

For more information or to make an appointment with Haney & Whipple Portraits, please call (713) 785-7151.